About Us


At Kinder Kountry we believe that children are very important people. We respect individual learning styles and encourage exploration and discover. Research shows that young children learn best through a concrete, play oriented approach to education. We provide a variety of attractive stimulating activities which promote physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive development. Children will experiment when their environment is safe and they feel secure. Learning is all about taking risk -trying something new, or doing something no-one has done before. Our program focuses in child-initialed, child-directed, and adult-supported play in safe and nurturing environment.


Each group of children has their own indoor play space, in addition to share multi-purpose areas, this provides the opportunity for the child to feel in control of their space and to be comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. Outdoor play spaces are shared by several groups of children. This gives them the opportunity to experience being part of a larger group, and to be with children of different ages.
When you come into our center, please remember…it is a child’s world! These activities are-THEIR IDEAS, THEIR WORK, THEIR FUN! Sometimes a child’s idea of decoration, beauty, and good housekeeping does not coincide with an adult’s. A child’s imagination is great! Children can do wonderful things – paint the wind, dance like a leaf and find joy and happiness in performing simple tasks. These are abilities that adults may have lost along the way. Enter and return for a visit to the wonderful world of young children. Enjoy their enthusiasm for living and learning!


Our curriculum is designed to accommodate the individual needs of each child through the use of centers. The centers are planned ahead of time by the staff, but the children make the decisions about what to use and do. Centers enable children to make choices and learn. In a center environment, children move about freely, and learn by doing. They learn to work and talk with others. They meet problems and solve them. All the time growing in confidence and self-respect. Participation in open-ended art activities stimulates creativity and independence. Block building is beginning math. Cooking projects provide feeling of accomplishment. Music and movement provide children an emotional outlet. Beginning science and nature projects increase awareness of the environment and stimulate conceptual learning. Each and every activity at Kinder Kountry is an open opportunity for learning, careful consideration is given to the preparation and implementation. The child and process are not separable: the child’s experience is the learning process.

Ratio and Class Sizes

We maintain small class sizes, one teacher with each group of children, because we feel that children function best in small groups with familiar caregiver. The younger the child the smaller the group size. At two we start at 10, as the children grow and mature we gradually add to the group. Children are placed in our program according to their social and emotional maturity as well as their chronological age.

Please visit us any time that is convenient for you and your child. An appointment may be necessary for a tour of the center or for enrollment information, but visitors are welcome any time. Come in and see us, so you can experience first hand what Kinder Kountry is all about!